This Is the World’s Strongest Argument for Deleting Instagram

She has, as of yesterday, liberated herself from the steely grip of modern technology to fully embrace the “peaceful sexy life” that has long beckoned to her. As Pamela writes,

Lets hope you find the strength and inspiration to followyour purposeand try not to be seducedby wastedtime 🙏Thats what THEY want and can use to make moneyControlover your brain-#thebewilderedherd

That’s right. Or we could join her and welcome a new existence, one of

#life#freedom#nature#humanconnection#intimacy#love#pamelaanderson Though it doesn’t have to be that way. “#hallelulia,” she wrote in her final tweet, which includes a link to her Instagram post. Photo: Getty Images

Pamela Anderson has chosen serenity. “This will be my last post” on any platform, she wrote in a sprawling, lyrical Instagram caption, which is accompanied by one of her old glamour shots. Anderson, the star of Baywatch, unlikely something or other of Julian Assange, and burgeoning poet, has quit social media. We could remain on social media, addicted to the dopamine rush we get from every like or form of engagement. Freedom. An unencumbered life. Meanwhile, here we remain, compulsively and endlessly scrolling until our eyes cry from strain. Pamela said, “You have nothing to lose but your chains.” So which path do we choose? Zen. In her characteristic style, she explained,

I’ve never been interested in social mediaAndnow that Im settled into the life Im genuinely inspired byreading and being in natureI am freeThanks for the loveBlessings toyou all

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Indeed, it is true — the legendary poster has left the platforms, and she has rejoiced. By Amanda Arnold@aMandolinz

Pamela Anderson.

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