Have You Ever Seen a More Cursed Image?

bibir dia lagi seksi dari aku 😭 pic.twitter.com/zzq8IPWzvD— RaffNasir• (@raff_nasir) July 2, 2020

This fish — allegedly a triggerfish — may have surfaced in Malaysia on or around July 2. Because unfortunately, you can’t unsee this pouty fish. Much of its contents may have been culled from one specific Twitter account, although perhaps the president’s spooky stuffed pepper, the entire Cats movie, a platypus drenched in its own milk sweat, and all of these cake objects are crammed in there, too. And also, it now seems safe to say, you. It will be thrashing around in your mind-tank from this moment forward, puckering its huge lips at you as if to ask for a kiss, showing you its freaky chompers when you refuse. I’m sure every single one of your cursed images is very shocking, but please consider this fish with the filler-plumped lips of an Instagram influencer. A cursed image to rule them all, I’d say. Apparently, there are more than 40 species of triggerfish out there, all of them “infamous for their nasty attitude.” And possibly also for their oddly humanoid mouths. It circulated quickly, the original tweet having racked up over 8,000 shares at time of writing. We cannot guarantee the photo has not been doctored, though a quick perusal of National Geographic’s triggerfish slideshow suggests that the real thing isn’t very far off. By Claire Lampen@claire_lampen

I’M SORRY. It found its way to Twitter with the help of user @raff_nasir, whose caption for the alarming photo (written in Indonesian) reportedly translates to, “her lips are bigger than mine.” And yes, they are very voluminous, one Twitter commentator speculating that “Angelina Jolie is shaking.”

Perhaps you are also shaking, because this fish is uncanny and frightening to behold. National Geographic reports that triggerfish have “very tough teeth and jaws,” which they use to obliterate sea urchins. Photo: @raff_nasir/Twitter

I will assume that, because the year is 2020, you keep an overflowing file folder labeled “Cursed Images” somewhere in your brainspace. Unacceptable, I know. Sources

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