Secret Mask-Free Parties Are Cropping Up in New York

A spokesperson for the mayor’s office told Gothamist the city has reached out to the Williamsburg Hotel and Ravel Hotel, “to make sure they understand the rules.” Guidance for an event at the Williamsburg Hotel encouraged partygoers to stay six feet apart but did not note whether masks were required. The Ravel Hotel in Long Island City recently hosted a rooftop pool party where plenty of people weren’t wearing masks. This is a private space and we are interested in no drama policy. On Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio noted a rise in coronavirus infections among young adults, particularly those in their 20s. Not to mention that most of those people are not self quarantining. A similar event is reportedly scheduled for July 18. #COVID19 #PANDEMIC #NIGHTLIFE A post shared by Kristina Alaniesse (@kristinaformayor) on Jul 12, 2020 at 1:29am PDT

View this post on Instagram ANY MASKS? That being said, it would break my heart if NYC had to shutdown again. They also forbid gatherings of more than 25 people. But the rate of infection is slowly going up… Williamsburg Hotel manager Julita Kropiwnicki told Gothamist that the hotel does “enforce a strict policy of masks” and will “continue to work to make sure that all team members and guests comply with our policies.”

View this post on Instagram Slightly disappointed to have to expose @wburghotel. New York City, which has begun reopening, too, but still has more social-distancing strictures in place than most of the country, has largely kept its COVID caseload steady, but in recent days the numbers have crept up again. This was on Thursday night. I'm worried about my mom, and so should you. PLEASE SHARE IT IN PRIVATE MSGS.” Last weekend reports circulated about an indoor dance party hosted by Nocturnal Radio Live. I had a few fun nights there & their booking is great. De Blasio called the uptick “a warning sign.” Given that none of us wants to get sick or return to our caves indefinitely, foregoing large gatherings indoors still seems like the move. Video of the event is dark but shows people dancing fairly close together and some not wearing masks. At least according to the Common Ground folks. Yet a promoter for an event at a lounge near Bryant Park that was letting up to 90 people in sent a message that read in part, “Don’t share this information on SOCIAL MEDIA! Clearly no respect for the protocols in place for phase 3 (social distancing, masks etc). Today for the first time since March, 0 deaths in NY. WE ARE NOT READY.— WhereToPartyNYC (@wheretopartyNYC) July 12, 2020

View this post on Instagram Tonight I received 7 anonymous tips about"secret parties" in NYC. WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIME #covid19 #covidparty #pandemic #nyc #phase3 A post shared by Kristina Alaniesse (@kristinaformayor) on Jul 12, 2020 at 8:52pm PDT

Osvaldo “O.J.” Jimenez, who’s been active in the city’s nightlife scene and runs the HiLoveNewYork Instagram account that’s been gathering videos from some recent parties (he says he doesn’t go himself but people send tips his way), told Gothamist he thinks venues hosting stage-three ragers “cater to out-of-towners” because “all the promoters an owners I know are taking COVID serious.” Jimenez claimed that some underground parties “offer fake COVID tests for $50 or $60.”

NYC guidelines still advise people to wear masks when “out in public” and to keep at least six feet of distance. By Hannah Gold

Photo: Yagi Studio/Getty Images

In the weeks since all of the country has begun reopening in some form or another, much of it has succumbed to a dramatic resurgence of the coronavirus. I understand that you guys want to have fun but this is not the moment. This was tonight. And yet Gothamist reported this week that a clandestine nightclub scene, much of which doesn’t appear to take proper precautions, has emerged in the city of late. Pretty confident that there were a lot more. LET'S PLEASE DO IT RIGHT. STOP SPREADING COVID-19, WEAR A MASK, SOCIAL DISTANCE & WASH YOUR HANDS. Just this Tuesday, for instance, Los Angeles County public-health officials reported the highest single-day count of COVID cases and hospitalizations since the start of the pandemic. LET'S SAVE NYC ♥️ #covid19 #pandemic #newyorkcity #williamsburghotel A post shared by Kristina Alaniesse (@kristinaformayor) on Jul 11, 2020 at 6:56am PDT

Welp I guess nightlife is already on Phase 7 of reopening. Unfortunately ppl from out of state are coming back now so hopefully city starts shutting down everything? Some events appear to be at least partially outside, yet several videos of these alleged recent parties don’t look to be enforcing social-distancing or mask requirements. According to the outlet, “Underground parties have been taking place every weekend in the city, spread via WhatsApp chat groups and text chains with promoters asking people not to publicize the illicit event.”

Gothamist reviewed photo and video evidence of events that allegedly happened or are planned at a range of venues including Common Ground, the Williamsburg Hotel, and Her Name Was Carmen.

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