All requirements for international passport application in Nigeria

Certificate of birth. The first (also called fresh) application users are divided into three main sub-categories:

Citizens by Birth
Citizens by Naturalization
Citizens by Registration

Requirements for first (fresh) applicantsUsers who are 18 years old or older:
International passport application in Nigeria
Citizens by birth should provide their National ID card or a letter of identification (for Nigerians who can get a document of residence/origin from their State or Government) or introduction (for government workers who should also provide a legit staff ID card). Sworn Affidavit. Proof of payment. The special application form that contains all the required information. The Guarantor should also provide some documents. This list includes 1 personal photo (the standard-passport size), the copy of his or her ePassport issued in Nigeria as well as the special form (called the form of Guarantor) that is filled in and also signed by Oaths’ Commissioner. Divorced and widowed users should also have the proof of their maiden name. The booklet itself (your passport). New passports are usually ready within 48 hours. Renewed documents are ready within 72 hours. Changing information in the passport due to error:
Letter than explains why 1 or more letters should be changes in the passport. Proof of payment. Requirements for changing the name because of new marriage status:
Form of application (completed). Letter of consent (it should be written by the adult family members). The international passport booklet along with its pages’ copies. The current passport along with copies of its pages. International passport application in Nigeria
Citizens by naturalization/registration must provide their Certificate of Naturalization/Registration which can only be issued by the country’s President. All users have to include two photos (the standard passport-size). Divorced users have to provide Declaration of Divorce or Decree (Absolute/Nisi). Married Nigerians should provide their official Declaration or Certificate of new family status. Proof of payment. Age Declaration or Certificate of birth. All applications have to complete the special form designs for international passports. This publication’s copy should be attached to other documents. Proof of payment. For unexpired documents that are still valid for more than half a year, you should list the reasons why you want to renew them. The proof of a child parents being the citizens of Nigeria. How much is international passport in NigeriaThe passport can have 32 or 64 pages. If the parent is unavailable there should be Court Order document.
Nigerian international passport re-issuanceThe list of documents for renewing the expired, unexpired document or passport with exhausted visa pages:
Letter of application. These images have to be validated by the Guarantor (on the image’s back). Proof of payment. Persons whose second half died should provide the NPC Certificate of Death. Those who need a replacement (or apply for deletion) have to pay 22,000 Naira plus 30,000 Naira as an administrative charge. Price for the 32-page document:
International passport application in Nigeria

Kids up to 17 years old and adults of 60+ years old – 8,750 Naira
Adults from 18 to 59 years old – 15,000 Naira
Fee for verifying applicant’s address – 2,000 Naira

Price for the 64-page passport:

Same booklet fee for all ages – 20,000 Naira
Fee for address verification – 2,000 Naira

These prices are the same for new, renewed, damaged, updated due to new marriage status documents. Those users who successfully get a new document instead of the lost one and one day find the lost passport should report this to Immigration Service and ask to cancel the previous passport. The fee for lost documents is 22,000 Naira (booklet + address verification) for all applications. Sworn affidavit (obtained at High Court of Magistrate). Also Read:  Top 10 beautiful ways to tie geleChildren under 18 years old:
International passport application in Nigeria
One image (the photo should be a standard passport size and should be signed by one or both parents). If a name has changed there should be a newspaper publication attached. Those who marry again should include their Marriage Certificate.
Perhaps you have been wondering how to go about applying for your international passport and how much you will be spending in the process in Nigeria. It is divided into different categories and there could be 2 main possible reasons for application:

International passport application in Nigeria

First time (fresh) you are getting an international passport
Document’s re-issuance

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We will share with you the main requirements and mention how much international passport in Nigeria cost. Sworn affidavit along with the person’s passport photograph. Married applications should provide their official status certificate. It can take 5-10 business days to replace lost documents and change names in the passport. How to get international passport in NigeriaNo matter what your reason for obtaining the document is, you’ll have to apply for it at Nigerian Immigration Service. The new name is usually published in the newspaper. Applicant should file a police report when he or she loses an international passport.The extract from this document should be provided. Then this article is for you, you will find a detailed guide on applying for the international passport. If the passport was lost because of fire, there should be a report from Fire Service that confirms these circumstances. Requirements for updating the lost document:
Letter that explains how the document was lost. The list of the requirements is pretty long. Request must be supported with proof (documents). Copy of passport pages with information on them. Proof of payment. Users whose name changes after wedding should provide the statutory proof of this change.

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